i saw you in real [2015 Remaster]

  • DIGI___008


Shelf___Label is proud to present a special remaster of the first efforts by maedasalt

i saw you in real feels out of place in the scene it emerged from. It carries a restraint other "lolicore" albums didn't have and it's clever in its sampling.

Even though it was an early effort it manages to capture some magic and wonder that future maedasalt releases would continue to explore, and we're proud to rehabilitate it to dazzle others more.

Included are select remasters from the second maedasalt release element kryesor and Chrisopher's first music effort Fight With Me in My House

A note from maedasalt

"i saw you in real" was my first effort as both maedasalt and my first time creating an "album". i had some music compilations before, but this was my first intentionally realized release, finished back in 2011, a ytpmv / breakbeat, splicey, heavily sample-based album. it also sounded quite bad. with this new remastering by Enoch, this album is now listenable again.


A note about the remaster from Enoch

I first requested Christopher to let me take over the remasters after being unsatisfied with the remaster of lolicore is dead, which was basically the same album but a bunch of reverb. It took me a long time but I'm incredibly proud of what I've gotten out of the original masters. To clarify, this is not a re-mix, we were not able to go back and find the original project files. This is instead an attempt to clean up the original master files as much as possible. This album has gone through a thorough EQing, multiband compression, multiband excitement, width adjustment, reverb, and limiting process that took a better side of three months to finish. Go back to the original album and you'll find that this new master is cleaner, crisper, and richer than it has ever been. I really hope you enjoy this new edition of i saw you in real, and I hope that you enjoy my treatment of this album.



Production, Writing, MV Direction - Christopher Urlaub

Mastering Engineer - Enoch Kim

Remastered May-August 2015


Never Actively Tried to Sabotage the Project - Jaci Rodriguez

Originally released as TV094 on Tsundere Violence